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New Art Space coming soon!

As I prepare for a new chapter, I am making room for new art pieces I have created for the new space located at 5504 W Lawrence ave, the official AponteART gallery-studio! Ahh! Did I just say that? 🤔🖼

All of my current work will be on the JOY30 promotion until the big move! Enjoy Up to 30% off. If you see a piece you are interested in please reach out to me 🙌🏽 and we can schedule an appointment to view the work. I always say the art is more beautiful in person, and more so on your wall! If your local, do not hesitate to contact me for viewing.

Your purchase will help cover moving expenses and the set up of the new space. There is a lot that goes into setting up gallery environment and art shop. I am so excited 😆 to open my doors soon! Being at home for almost a year was a transition and also transforming, preparing me for yet another blessing and I am thankful. Every space that I have worked in has been special with amazing memories. I hope to create new ones at 5504!

To those that purchased an original AponteART piece already, I thank you and congratulations!

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