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Poetic Art


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Raices de Borikén


My brush tells the story of my colorful boricua sisters

A journey to our past ancestors, Espaňola, Africana and Taína

My Abuelita sipping her cafecito, tells me the story of how I became

una niňa boricua.
I bite my piece of caňa, avanza abuelita, dime porfavor

tell me the story of where I came from, who I am abuelita.


My past is also yours, mi hija; and yours too hermana boricua

For through her fragile lips I was taught...remember mi hija
We are Spaniard, African and Taína,

a beautiful mixture of color and lenguas, borikén, borínquen, boricua!

We move our hands when we speak as if conducting a salsa orquesta

We cook instinctively guided by our ancestors voices

un poquito mas de sazón, un poco mas de sofrito, mi’ja

We don’t use timers or gadgets, just a pilón, cucharón and a calderón

the aroma of our earthy spices will tell you when it’s done mamita.

Now when I look at my olive skin it reminds me of the kisses of the sun of Jayuya

In moments of struggle as I gather my strength it reminds me… there is the Taína

When I twist my curls, paint my full lips Red

through my dark brown eyes, there I see…the Espaňola

When I move my feet to the rhythm of el tambor, parám pam pam!

As I sway my hips with no apologies, I feel…the Africana

It is in our blood, in the beat of our hearts, bomba! 

It is in our hips, in the swaying of our skirt, plena!

Coquí, canta canciones de amor durante tiempos de paz y guerra,

En la garita del Morro espero mi amor porque
Soy mujer, soy boricua, soy puertorriqueňa!


Janice Aponte


Janice Aponte of Aponte Art Shares Her Poetry Art | Chicago Studio | Oils, Acrylics and Mixed Media Abstract Art | Puerto Rican Artist | Female Oil Painter

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